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'Incident Commander Pro' Version 7 
Tactical Response, Tracking & Messaging Software

  New!  - for Google Earth!
New!    Tactical Map Symbols - for Google Earth!

Search, Rescue, Safety, Security & Emergency Response

Public Safety   Search & Rescue   Crisis Relief   Oil & Gas
Exploration   Infrastructure   Energy   Resource Tracking

     With Real-Time GPS Tracking!
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Incident Commander Pro - GIS Module

SAR Technology Inc.  announces...

  'Incident Commander Pro! 

Incident Management
& GPS-Tracking Software!

'Incident Commander' Opening Screen

-  Manage Search, Rescue & Emergency-Response missions!
-  Plan and Protect People and Infrastructure.
-  Real-time Satellite Tracking of People and Equipment.
Local and Remote Messaging, including SOS/Help.
-  Monitor Worker/Responder Safety: Tracking & Messages.
-  Real-Time 'Live' Mission Maps & Status Displays.
-  Seamlessly Manage People, Information & Resources.
-  Create Response Plans for Immediate Activation.
-   Integrated Planning Information, Data & Images.
-  Enhanced Network-Capability for Multi-Users.
-  Extensive Reporting, Importing and Exporting.
Familiar NIMS / Incident Command structure.


Typical Missions

Evacuation Response     Personnel Tracking Terrorist Response
Mission Planning Volcano Ash Cloud Volcanic Ash Cloud

Wildfire Evacuation

Cold Squad Cases  Remote Missions Beacon Tracking
 Glacier Rescue Bomb Squad Bomb-Threat Response Alpine Rescue
Mission Control Avalanche Response Wilderness Search
Marine Response Marine Response   Personnel Check-In

Air-Search Mission

Flood Response Flood Response
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